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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Are You Self-Critical?

Do you ever listen to the continual conversation that goes on in your head? I do and it is not always positive. When you redirect the energy and allow yourself to see another side of the story that's running in your psyche you can quiet the confrontation. I had such an experience just the other day.

While enjoying an evening of tango dancing, I found myself sitting on the sidelines waiting for a partner. After a few dances, no one came to my rescue. The teacher came over and began dancing with me, and we spent quite a few dances going around the floor as she instructed me on how to improve my technique. While driving home, I began questioning myself as to what was wrong with me because none of the male dancers came by to dance with me.

I allowed the cacophony in my head to give me a long list of reasons as to why I was not picked to be on the dance floor. All of them negatively judgmental towards myself. I was not comfortable with the scenarios I was creating so I opened my mind up to perceive a new way of understanding what was going on.

Then it came to me that this was exactly what I needed. The teacher noticed me and spontaneously gave me a private lesson. All was in divine order as it always is. I did not need to dance and practice with men who could not understand where I needed to change my style of dancing. While dancing with the teacher, I was able to receive help and improve my tango skills. What a blessing!

So I suggest to you today when you start hearing that negative self talk in your head that you take a moment to stop, breathe, and allow yourself to move around the situation to see it from another side. Spirit is always there waiting for you to ask for help and ready to respond. All it takes is consistency. The more you ask and the more you listen, the easier it will be to hear.

Listening to the sweet voices in my head,

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