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Monday, May 23, 2016

Don't Let Fear Run Your Mind

I would like to give you an update on House Bill 16-1320. The fear that I have seen going around the metaphysical community is that soon Reiki practitioners and others who practice various alternative healing modalities will need to be licensed by the state. Therefore I attended the DORA meeting last Monday to receive the information right from the source.

I am happy to tell you that from what I perceived, there is no need for concern. DORA assured us that they have no intention of creating a need for any more licensures than are already in place. The bill is to allow DORA to partner with law enforcement to stop the sex and human trafficking that has become a major problem in the Denver area. Reiki and other healing modalities are listed as exempt in the bill.

The concern of some in the alternative healing community is that these exemptions can be removed by DORA if there are too many complaints and arrests connected with one modality. Some of the attendees are asking for the wording to be adjusted so the individual, not the modality, becomes exempt.

I feel Reiki will not be one of the healing modalities that could be affected by these changes in the future. As I mentioned in my last blog, do not allow fear to run in your mind and affect your outside world. What you resist persists. Stay in your heart and know you create your own reality and that is what will bring peace into your being.

In love and admiration,

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