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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. Have you ever thought about what that day means on an esoteric level? I did and it helped me clear some sadness from my heart. On this, my 68th birthday, I woke up with a heavy heart. There was no apparent reason. In fact, the days preceding where just delightful. So I decided to do for myself what I do for my clients. I began to track to the core of this felt sensation of grief.

I could not deal with the emotions at hand right away. I lay in bed knowing that as long as my back was flat I could not reach the discovery I find in meditation. After about an hour I sat up, spine erect, and began entering into the quiet state of meditation. There I honored my existence and my decision to enter this body 68 years ago. I scanned my life and felt the heartaches and the joys, though the happiness was muted by the symphony of my tears. The joy was not denied, but in the play I was observing, it inhabited the wings of the theater. I kept repeating in my mind, “This is the day I chose to embody.”   This mantra began to open my heart and began to feel the sensations of my spirit coming into my body. It was not physical; it was mental, emotional and spiritual. I was doing my own form of rebirthing.

As I scanned the scenarios of my birth and the past 67 years, there was a floodgate of emotions. I stayed with the tears and did not try to appease what I was feeling. I simply honored the day of my birth and the decision I made at that time to experience life in this way. Unfolding before me was a deep revelation showing a pattern I had not seen before. It gave my intellectual mind something to grasp and my emotions became calm.  When I opened my eyes, the grief had lifted, and I was ready to be in the moment of my birthday, and the joy was there.

It does not need to be your birthday to experience this process for yourself. You too can do your own rebirthing. If there is an emotion that is predominant in your mind, this process will deepen your understanding of its presence. Here are the steps:
  1. Sit up with a straight spine. This sets the intention and physically aids to still the mind.
  2. Make your intention clear as to what you desire to discover in this moment.
  3. Take three long deep breaths and observe your mind and body as they switch gears.
  4. Repeat the mantra, “I honor the day I chose to enter my body.”
  5. Your intention will lead you along a memory path. Observe what is presented.
  6. If you feel sadness, anger, guilt, or judgment, just stay with the emotion by being the observer.
  7. Do not let the emotion take over. Allow it to be experienced by giving it a place to be expressed without a preordained conclusion.
  8. Even if you do not receive insight during this process, know the mere act of stilling your mind has its own rewards.
In love and light,

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