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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Is Your Heart Self-Contained?

I have been working in my garden and noticed no matter how much I watered one of my plants it still continued to wilt. I have been contemplating this dilemma and have come to the conclusion that the problem is in the soil. I had just transplanted another plant and found that the root system was self-constrained. It did not spread out into the hard clay soil around it because the clay is not open to receiving water like the mulch around the plant. It had nothing to hold onto. This made me think of my heart.

In order for your heart to open and remain open it requires fertile soil to expand into. If you keep you heart accessible to only a few people, it diminishes its ability to develop.

The way to support an open heart is to give out love to anyone who you come in contact with during the day, and I mean everyone: the mail carrier, lawn workers in your neighborhood, a clerk, the beggars that come near your car. There is no limit to how you can open the space around your heart. All that is required is a smile, but it needs to be genuine. If you don’t allow it to emanate from your heart, it is merely a muscle movement that has no substance. If it seems appropriate, a few kind words directed at their well-being can be a nice touch. Try it out my friends and see how your heart feels.

Radiating love to you,

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