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Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Be a Ghost Buster

As I was working with a client this last week, I discovered a new way to assist disembodied souls into their next level. If you have read Claiming Your Inner Gifts, you have seen the Life Tool that shows how to accomplish this in a gentle and unattached way. Today I would like to share my new findings for this process.

When a soul has passed out of its body through death, it does not always realize it has left this dimension. It can stay around familiar surroundings and actually feel it is an integral part of the scenarios it observes. The process to help it move on involves introducing it to advanced beings on the other side.

There are times when the introduction alone will not encourage these souls to move on and further assistance is required. Help can come from divine beings or guides. I often call in legions of angels, but this can be over powering to some life forms so now I call in divine escorts. These escorts will adjust their light and vibration to meld with the one who needs assistance. These escorts are gentle, courteous and aware of what will make the deceased being most comfortable and unafraid. I find them to be quite efficient and quick to respond to my call.

In meditation, see if you can tune into the escorts and observe if they resonate with your energies. Then use them the next time you are called upon to assist deceased beings to the light.

Ghost Busting,

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