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Friday, October 7, 2016

Animal-Assisted Healing Energy

If you think animals are not in-tune to healing energy, think again. One of the Reiki practitioners that I trained allows her horses to join in on her Reiki sessions. She sets up her massage table in the field where horses graze. Below is her account.

“Typically the horses are walking around, eating, biting each other, playing, but not during the session. They were so focused and calm. Notice their eyes in the photos. The person receiving the treatment is scheduled for shoulder surgery; the horses picked up on it immediately. They also spent a lot of time at her solar plexus. When I ended the session, they both walked away and did their typical horsey things. SO powerful and beautiful!!”

My suggestion for this week is to focus on your pets and notice how they respond when you are meditating or giving a Reiki treatment to yourself or another. You just may find they are assisting the process. Don’t forget to thank them.

With love,

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