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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bring the Election into a New Light

Photo courtesy NASA
The presidential election is just around the corner and has many Americans struggling with what is presented before them. One can become quite confused and even angry if you allow it to happen. I am proposing another way to look at this seemingly negative situation.

Our presidential candidates are actually channeling the negative energy that has been prevalent in our country for years. Now it is coming to a head and being reflected in the people we choose to elect. So as the days dwindle and the election comes closer rather than allowing the media to control your emotions, change your thinking into a place of compassion, love and balance. Blaze light around all the candidates and proposed amendments. Know the people presented to us have the difficult job of being the figureheads of the imbalance of our county. They are pawns; support them with love. Do not let what they say move you from knowing that divine order is always the final say.

We are a country that was created because our forefathers desired freedom from the dictates of a king. That truth of our freedom will hold true if we visualize an outcome that will serve us as a nation. I trust that the Light will always prevail, even if we cannot see it happening.

Light is there!

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