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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Unresolved Emotional Issues Manifest in the Body

Whenever there is a presidential election, there will be an uneasiness, whether your candidate or the other was selected. No one really knows what to expect, especially with our new president-elect. The best thing we can do at this time is support all of our elected officials and make our voices known.  We need to hold our figure heads in the light and visualize the best possible outcome that will support our people and our country. What we see with our physical eyes is not what's happening on the etheric or higher level.

When we buy into fear and confusion we only increase it by adding energy to that fire. We are all processing the unrest in our country in our own way, and we must honor our individual processes. I just realized that I have been running grief and anger through my own body, and it puzzles me.

The day before the election I began to feel a cold coming on, attempting to infest my body. Even though I did all the holistic things I knew to do to prevent this illness, unfortunately by Friday it reached into my bronchial tubes and seemingly deterred me from my spiritual work. I now realize that I am doing my work, not in the way I have in the past, but this illness is helping me clear out my own emotional issues, and those in the country as well.

I try to walk my talk and not just give you insights but discover some for myself. When I looked in Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman, I found the issue of bronchitis holds an emotional component that did not appear to be things that were happening in my life at this time. It refers to bronchitis as holding these emotional issues:
  •   Wanting to change things but can't
  •   Wanting to be in charge but can't
  •   Extreme disharmony in the home
When physical or emotional issues stop us in our tracks, it is time to look deeper and see what is the underlying cause. Know that the cause is always multi-dimensional and not just one thing that is running you.

As I contemplated what I had discovered, I realized indeed I have experienced these issues in my life in years past. Hence, this not only gave me an understanding of why this part of my body was being compromised, but also gave me insight as to what is going on in the "body" of our country at this time as well. As you uncover your deep-seeded emotions, make sure you:
  •   Make time for yourself
  •   Take care of your body
  •   Nurture your emotions
Know that we are all doing deep healing for this country, one person at a time, and each of us is vital to the harmony and protection of our country and its people.

United we stand in the light,

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