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Monday, February 10, 2014

Change Can Be Easy

This week I stepped into a healthier way of eating. At a food convention with my son, we came across a raw food booth and it intrigued me. I signed up for their raw food prep class, went home and looked on the web and found a very informative raw food website: which got me fired up. I was amazed at how easy the change was.  
By researching information about raw food eating, I was able to make a clear choice. My best guidance came from a simple statement by my son Frederic, ”Don’t eat unless you’re hungry.” I have heard this before, but this time I embodied what he was saying. I began to wait before I ate and allowed my real reason to eat surface. I found I am not hungry most of the time. Usually I am stressed, eating because it is time to eat, or out of habit. When I slowed down and listened to my body, I found I was not hungry at all. Raw foods have more nutrients than processed or cooked foods, therefore my nutritional needs were being met with a lot less eating.
I am not suggesting to myself to eat this way the rest of my life. That would put too much pressure on me to change in a way that I don’t need or want. Rather, I am making conscious choices day by day. And each day that I feel better, I continue to choose healthy food habits. Baby steps.
So what in your life do you want to change? In order to let go of your emotional attachment to habits, give your brain something else to chew on. Get information. Go online and dig deep to help your mind allow for change. Feed the emotions that will start you on a new path.
Let me know your results and I will post them in the next e-zine. And have fun changing!
Interested in raw foods? Here is a link to the raw foods website along with their current class schedule:
Many Blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi

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