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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is Truly Everywhere

My travels have taken me to San Francisco and on my way I was gifted with an early Valentine’s Day present. I was going down the escalator to the train at DIA on Wednesday.

A young mother was ahead of me with her little boy. He was not more than one year old. When our eyes met, he smiled.

Once we reached the ground his mother, put him down and he immediately ran over to me and raised his arms so I would pick him up. Naturally I responded to his request and placed him in my arms. He gently put his head against my chest and stayed there very content to shower his love into my heart. I was so surprised. I stood there for a time waiting for him to move into another position. He did not. He was on a mission – to give love!

His mom tells me he often will respond this way to people he picks out during their daily journeys. I felt so blessed that on this day, he picked me.

So on this Valentine’s Day, don’t wait for someone to shower you with love. Give it out yourself. During the day, in your own way, do something to show a stranger they are worthy of love. It will come back to you.

Send me an email and tell me what magic happened on your Valentine’s Day. I will post your responses.

From my Heart to Yours. Have a Blessed Valentines Day!


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