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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It Is Raining Gold (Leaves)

As I sit (well really I am exercising) and watch the leaves fall outside my window, it  makes me wonder what can I let fall away? What am I holding onto that does not serve me?

One way to research this information is to look at your body.  There are ways to find the message your body is holding. If you take a moment to observe your aches and pains, you just might find there is a reason why this part of your body is uncomfortable. The two books I refer to often are Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karoll Truman and Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. These books target what the body is saying, and if you pay attention to what that part of your body does, you can often figure out the message without the aid of these books.

Here are some examples. Your hips and knees move your body in a forward motion. When there is discomfort in this area, you might be resistant or fearful of what is ahead of you. Your digestion could be off, which directs your attention to look at what situation in your life is difficult to digest. A rash on the skin is an irritation, so look at who or what is irritating you. It is really quite simple when you know how to perceive the distress your body is holding.

I say, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Your body is your friend, and if it hurts, it is only trying to get your attention. So look for the golden message that your body is pouring over you. Then be grateful for the discomfort and let it go. By deciphering its origin you will soon adjust, balance, and  feel like yourself again.

Many Blessings,

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