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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Beingness of Healing

At some point you must let go of the process of whatever healing technique you use (I use Reiki, the channeling of cosmic light) and become one with it. It is akin to dancing; you practice the steps and patterns over and over until they become automatic. When you dance, you let go of the mechanics and flow with the music. You embody the beat and feel it within you.

Healing is a similar process. I do not think of symbols or hand positions when I do Reiki anymore. I just do it. I become the divine energy of Reiki. I become the symbols. I become the flow. When I walk down the street, Reiki flows out of my feet and blesses the Earth. When I drive down the road, Reiki flows from my aura as a blessing to other drivers.

Healing energy is abundant and limitless. Become your healing technique and you become one who constantly gives and receives the love of your healing practice.

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