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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter is Upon Us

My Winter Solace

Winter has arrived here in Colorado. It is chilly, snowy and gloomy. Statistics tell us that we have 300 days of sunshine in our glorious state so with this weather one could feel a bit down, but there could be another way to look at it.

Take a look at nature and let Her guide you to what is appropriate during this season. The plants become dormant and take time to absorb the nutrients in the soil. It is their time to rebuild and get strong to enable them to radiate their beauty in the spring. You too can slow down and look inside for what you need to strengthen yourself for the coming year.

This is called the cold and flu season and many people become ill during this time. The question is are we really susceptible to germs or is it our body telling us we do not need to go at the fast pace we’ve been going all summer?

If we do not listen to the messages being given to us, i.e., “take a break,” we could pay the price. Why not preempt the inevitable flu and slow down before your body makes you reduce your speed with an illness.

Right now, in this moment, take a few minutes for yourself. Stop what you are doing and just be still. Then decide what you can shelf for the next few days and give yourself a few hours of “me” time. I’m going to take some time to sit in the living room and watch the snow.

Sending warm thoughts your way,

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