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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Month of Gratitude

We are racing to the end of the year and the holidays are almost upon us. Once those dates start rolling there is little time to pay attention to what is important; out spirit. So why not start early? How about making this entire month a month of gratitude? Make a list of things that come to mind that bring you joy. Or the things that you have that you know came to you because of your deep connection to Spirit. Share these observations with friends and family. This will start a chain reaction and they too will begin to pay attention to the gifts that have been bestowed upon them in their life.

When you look at that list pay attention to things on that list that you worried about but then it all came out fine. Or the items that brought you great stress and yet when you look back upon it you see that the entire situation served you at a very high level.

Allow this gratitude month to take you to a deeper level, beyond “I am happy for my ….” Look at the experiences these things and situations gave you to move you up on the ladder of light. We are doing it my light beings. We are rising above the clouds and we are IN the Light.

Lovingly I Walk with You,

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