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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Laugh in the Face of Trouble

Do you know what your best defense is when there are difficulties to master? First become neutral to the outcome.  Next find the humor in it. There is always a lighter side so stop and look for it.

You can create a neutral energy around any situation. Imagine your body as a computer and throw the switch to the other side. I am told computers are made up of numbers – two to be exact: zeros and ones. (If there are any computer geeks out there that find I am explaining this incorrectly, please inform me.) Neutrality is within reach so try not to be attached to the end result. I use a process of correcting your body energetically so this can take effect.

Once the corrections are in place,  your psyche can see the situation in a new light. There are ways to create humor in every scenario that will not invalidate anyone or any concept. You just may find when you get others laughing, they come up with ideas that make the project go smoother and faster.

Example: Halloween is Friday, what could you do on that day to lighten a difficult situation? Be creative. You can get away with almost anything on All Hallow’s Eve.

Many blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It Is Raining Gold (Leaves)

As I sit (well really I am exercising) and watch the leaves fall outside my window, it  makes me wonder what can I let fall away? What am I holding onto that does not serve me?

One way to research this information is to look at your body.  There are ways to find the message your body is holding. If you take a moment to observe your aches and pains, you just might find there is a reason why this part of your body is uncomfortable. The two books I refer to often are Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karoll Truman and Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. These books target what the body is saying, and if you pay attention to what that part of your body does, you can often figure out the message without the aid of these books.

Here are some examples. Your hips and knees move your body in a forward motion. When there is discomfort in this area, you might be resistant or fearful of what is ahead of you. Your digestion could be off, which directs your attention to look at what situation in your life is difficult to digest. A rash on the skin is an irritation, so look at who or what is irritating you. It is really quite simple when you know how to perceive the distress your body is holding.

I say, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Your body is your friend, and if it hurts, it is only trying to get your attention. So look for the golden message that your body is pouring over you. Then be grateful for the discomfort and let it go. By deciphering its origin you will soon adjust, balance, and  feel like yourself again.

Many Blessings,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where is the Gift?

Do you realize that every frustration has a gift locked inside? All you need to do is look for it. I will explain.

For those procrastinators out there, yesterday was the deadline for those who asked for an extension on their taxes. Taxes have a way of stressing even the calmest person. I found that even though my taxes were turned in on time, I had other bookkeeping to do which really boggled my mind. I was getting very nervous trying to get all my numbers to match. Accounting is not my forte.

Then I looked at the entire situation in a different way. Instead of seeing all the money that went out, I focused on the money that came in. I began to thank the Universe for the supply that has rained down upon me over this last year. “What a difference.” My nerves calmed down and the process began to flow much faster. It does not matter how much supply it was. It only mattered that I moved from lack to gratitude. Being in gratitude was my gift.

Often it is merely one step that needs to be taken to stop our nerves from firing. These are old patterns that we have created and also picked up from society. Look how long taxes have been an issue. Mary and Joseph had Jesus in a stable because they were required to leave their village and travel to pay their taxes. Maybe now is the time for us to say, “Stop” to the nonsense of the fear we hold about money and who gets it.

Money is energy and energy is unlimited. Energy is love and love is unlimited. So there! Change your focus and change your life.

Here’s to your unlimited supply of energy, money and love.

Many Blessings,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Beingness of Healing

At some point you must let go of the process of whatever healing technique you use (I use Reiki, the channeling of cosmic light) and become one with it. It is akin to dancing; you practice the steps and patterns over and over until they become automatic. When you dance, you let go of the mechanics and flow with the music. You embody the beat and feel it within you.

Healing is a similar process. I do not think of symbols or hand positions when I do Reiki anymore. I just do it. I become the divine energy of Reiki. I become the symbols. I become the flow. When I walk down the street, Reiki flows out of my feet and blesses the Earth. When I drive down the road, Reiki flows from my aura as a blessing to other drivers.

Healing energy is abundant and limitless. Become your healing technique and you become one who constantly gives and receives the love of your healing practice.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reprogram Your Brain

When you keep worrying about old issues, you:

1) Create stress;
2) Lose valuable time by not being present with what needs to be done now;
3) Get stuck in old programs that no longer serve you;
4) Inhibit new ways to resolve issues and create different results.

The mind needs to reset and just like a computer, it can be approached in a few different ways. I attended a lecture where Joe Dispenza from What the Bleep Do We Know gave a fascinating talk. He shared how he broke his back and refused the metal rods the doctors suggested for his recovery. Instead he went home and rebuilt his spine through visualization and slowly applying pressure to his back. It was quite a moving story. This guy walks his talk.

Joe reminded us of how our brains work. He talked about how the firing of synapses in the brain keeps old programs running. Each time an old event is remembered, there are signals sent into our brain chemistry that create distress. What science has found is not only can these signals be increased by our constant revisiting of old issues, but they can also be rerouted into new neural pathways that do not run the previous triggers. This is exciting news! We can actually change how we have processed information in the past and teach our brains to think differently.

I had an incident where my memory continued to revisit old patterns. As I went to sleep I asked for a change. In the morning I awoke and heard a voice in my head that said, “Are you OK now? Is there anything you need? You have always been taken care of, so stop it (worrying) now.”

Everything we need is at arm’s reach if we just take a moment to draw it in. Sometimes the chatter in our minds is so loud, it’s difficult to connect to a new reality. Building new neural nets will start this process.

How to build new neural nets:
  • Imagine the electrical firing of your synapses with old patterns.
  • See the electrical charge stopping.
  • Meditate and visualize new neural pathways being formed.
  • Reset your thought process in the frontal lobe of your brain by changing your perspective on past events.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep also resets neural pathways. Pay attention to your dreams.
  • Experience Deeksah or Oneness Blessing, an energy transfer which can assist to bring new light into the frontal lobe of the brain. (Oneness Blessing will be given at the Healing Exchange on Tuesday, October 14th.)
Remember you create your reality. Your thoughts set up the kind of day you will experience. Why not make it a good one!

See what Joe has to say about how he creates a positive day.

Many Blessings,
Marnie Vincolisi