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Monday, May 11, 2015

It's All Just Energy

Let's define emotion in a new way, as merely energy in motion. To quote Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process, "We either find our emotional body peaceful, which is the consequence of energy that's freely and harmoniously in motion, or we find our emotional body uncomfortable due to an emotional charge that arises because our energy can't move freely."

There are times when we just feel sad and don't know why. There can even be times when we find ourselves crying and yet what seems to be the cause doesn't warrant this intense reaction. One way to look at this emotion is to see that it is "energy in motion" which comes from our childhood tears that we were unable to shed when we were small. It certainly makes things a lot easier to accept when we realize that the emotion we're feeling now in our adult life is really just an emotion that was never dealt with when we were children.

As I look at these present time unexplainable emotions, I find that by seeing it in this way, I can feel more relaxed because my intellect no longer needs to figure it out. I can place these emotions into a box to remind me that I haven't made any mistakes as an adult. It's just my own unintegrated childhood emotions that are coming to the surface to be integrated into my adult life. My child couldn't digest those emotions long ago but now, as an adult, I can help my child face these emotions and integrate them in present time.

Now close your eyes and give your little child a hug and tell them they are loved and they have never done anything wrong. Ever!


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