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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Surrender Control and Let It Flow

It's been raining every day here in Denver for over a week now, and frankly, I feel like I'm living in Seattle. So my question is, "How is all this rain affecting you?" Do you like it? Does it make you feel depressed, or is it refreshing? For me, it's a little of both.

Since I broke my toe about a week ago, it's almost a relief  to sit on the sofa and watch the rain gently fall. It reminds me that there are things that we really have no control over and have no right to have control over. The weather will happen the way it will and we have no choice about how that all comes together. This gives me a moment to reflect on my own life, and notice that things happen without my control. It's a good idea to just sit back, watch the rain and let it happen.

As the saying goes, it's not what happens to you that makes a difference in your life. It's what you do about it when it occurs. My suggestion for the next few days - because here in Denver it's going to continue to rain - is to let the flow of the rain remind you of the flow which you can allow into your life. This is the flow that will relax all of your senses and allow you to move with the punches.

From my soggy feet to yours,

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