Friday, August 7, 2015

Change Your Thoughts and Let Irritations Become Messengers

Last week I talked about how buzzing and biting insects can throw off your energy, if you allow it. But with the proper adjustments, you can ease the distress and become aware of the message contained in the experience.

These adjustments can also hinder or aid the environment. One could spray toxic chemicals to kill these little intruders, which will hinder the growth and life of more constructive insects and birds. Or one could take some of the irritation oneself without immediate relief while protecting the environment. Although healthy alternatives do not always work as fast as chemicals, remember time is an illusion, and we have the ability to transcend it and move beyond the discomfort if given the chance.

Trying a gentler approach towards these little flying attacks holds the opportunity to move from the irritation in present time to understanding why the irrigation is present. Look at who or what is irritating you in your life and adjust your thinking. Give the troublesome situation a new perspective and those bugs just may stop biting.

Marnie Vincolisi

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