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Friday, August 14, 2015

What's Bugging You Today?

When outdoor summer fun includes bugs that irritate and bite, try using lavender oil with its pleasant fragrance to deter the nastiest insects and also calm your nervous system. A wise woman once told me to mix lavender oil, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar as a spray-on concoction to protect against bug bites. But if you've already been bitten, once the poison has entered your skin, tee tree oil works well to pull the venom out and relieve the itch. Burn citronella or use sprays containing this element to keep the air around you free from these tiny dive bombers.

It really is all about finding a gentle way to address the irritants that show up in our lives on a daily basis. On a spiritual journey, these opportunities present themselves in spades. What's tickling your psyche? In every given moment, you get to choose if you are going to let it disturb you or not. It is your choice. No one or no thing out there is trying to upset you. Every situation which presents itself
is an opportunity for growth.

Remember it is not what is happening to you that changes your life. It is how you handle the situation that makes all the difference. How will you respond to life's little irritants today? Do they remind you of something? Do you carry your memories in a neutral or negative fashion?

Marnie Vincolisi

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