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Monday, June 13, 2016

What To Do About Senseless Acts of Violence

I would like to address the tragedy that has occurred in Orlando and look at another way to assist those involved. Indeed, we have all been affected by this event. By taking a different approach than prayer, we could help to balance the disturbance that has rocked our nation. Directing love is one approach, but I would like to come from a different angle. Why not look at the sound waves and make adjustments in that vein.

People are angry and confused about how and why this has happened. Voices are ringing out and need to be heard, but more will be accomplished with a calm loving approach. As you direct your compassion and thoughts on how this can not be repeated, please visualize the sound waves changing. In that way, change will occur without trying to figure out the steps that will make it happen. The mind works with images.  The words only delay the process, and yet they are needed.

Visualize the sound frequency of anger, the high pitch of crying, the impact of gun shots and loud disturbing voices. See the velocity of the waves with their high and low peaks. Now gently allow the peaks to move down until they form a gentle wave, slowly moving in a rhythmic pattern that does not disrupt the energy field around it. See these waves as melodic, rhythmic tones.

This process removes the stress that is created in the mind when it feels out of control and unable to make changes in the world. This is another way to direct heart energy into the sadness and regret created by the actions of one man. It might sound too simple to make a difference, but it will.

In my heart,


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